The questionnaire

Global Symfony: A cost effective Tool for Selecting Members for High-Performing Virtual Teams.

Key Points to Consider:

  • The questionnaire is simple and easy to complete.
  • It consists of 84 questions which are answered in blocks of 5.
  • Questions are crafted for clarity.
  • They relate to preferred work behaviors.
  • Please be sincere, there are no right or wrong answers.
  • If you take the test merely as an exercise, without serious focus, please notify and we will not include your results.

About the results of the questionnaire

This iteration of the questionnaire is a pilot version which means that it is currently being tested. The questionnaire and results should not be employed for decisions of any type.  Feedback should only be considered as informative and not necessarily based on fully reliable scores. Your efforts will allow us to create a shorter and finely-tuned version of the questionnaire.


We take your privacy very seriously. Any contact information we receive, shall only be used to solve technical issues and or offer you the chance to get a second report at a later stage. We shall not use your personal information for advertising or share it with third parties. We may offer feedback on selected aggregate statistical results.

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